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17 Mar 2023

Record attendance and special guests for the Masters of Dirt anniversary in Vienna.

We broke all records in history and celebrated M.O.Ds 20th anniversary with a sold-out Vienna Stadthalle! More than 28,000 visitors followed the call of the thrill and made the Wiener Stadthalle shake last weekend. Special guest this year at Masters of Dirt in Vienna: Bike star and Youtube click billionaire Fabio Wibmer and freerunner Stefan Dollinger.

Masters of Dirt creator and organizer, Georg Fechter, transformed the federal capital into the freestyle mecca this weekend: over 60 of the world's best freestyle motocross athletes, slopestyle mountain bike and BMX riders came together in Vienna and took the spectators' breath away with their spectacular stunts.


Join us as we relive the biggest tricks and best moments. Our anniversary left us speechless, thanks for celebrating 20 years of adrenaline-pumping freestyle action with us. The vibe was unreal, same as the riding.

M.O.D Vienna featuring the world's best riders and jaw-dropping tricks, this year's show was a spectacle like no other. We want to thank all the riders and crew members who made this event possible, and most importantly, all the visitors who join us year after year.

The show itself was an unreal spectacle, with high-flying stunts, gravity-defying flips, and jaw-dropping tricks that left the audience on the edge of their seats. The world's best riders showcased their immense skills and fearlessness as they pushed the limits of what's possible in the arena. From breathtaking motocross jumps to mesmerizing bike maneuvers and awe-inspiring scooter and inline tricks, with the addition of the Fuel Girls from England, iconic beats by DJ Mosaken and Drumatical, impressive pyrotechnics and live MCs it was nothing less than mind-blowing.

It's been an incredible journey of 20 years, filled with unforgettable highlights and insane moments. We can't wait to see what the future holds as we continue to evolve and push the boundaries of freestyle sports.

Stay tuned for more excitement and thrills at next year's Masters of Dirt event - it's time to step it up once more!

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