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DAKAR 2024

19 Jan 2024

Our Successful Management of Dakar Rally 2024 Merchandise Operations

As the official merchandise operator for the Dakar Rally 2024, The Saudi Austrian Entertainment Company handled all the retail & merchandise operations for the second consecutive year.

Throughout the month-long rally held in Al Ula, Riyadh, and Yanbu, SAEC managed the retail operations, ensuring a smooth merchandise experience for attendees. In addition we also  handled tasks such as managing stock, setting up stores, and facilitating sales to support the event.

SAEC also had the chance to connect with industry leaders, including collaborations with A.S.O. - Amaury Sport Organization & Diverse, which provided valuable insights into the motorsport and retail industries.

Beyond our operational responsibilities, we value the opportunity to connect with industry peers and enhance our knowledge. We extend our gratitude to our partners and commend the dedication of our team members.

As SAEC reflects on its contribution to the Dakar Rally 2024, it remains committed to excellence in its future endeavors within the motorsport arena.

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