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The Saudi Austrian Entertainment Company is #HIRING! 🇸🇦🇦🇹 


Founded in 2022, the Saudi Austrian Entertainment Company (SAEC) was established to bring the best international entertainment to the Kingdom.


SAEC is looking for a motivated Business Analyst to join the company and work on exciting projects that will shape the future of entertainment in Saudi Arabia.



- Bachelors degree

- Residence in Jeddah or surrounding area 

- Experienced handling of EDP and Microsoft Office (Excel & PPT)

- At least +1 year of work experience 

- Willingness to travel 

- Excellent knowledge of Arabic and English

- Can-do attitude 



- High attention to detail 

- Strong organizational skills 

- Excellent research skills 

- Experience with social media 

- Familiarity with digital marketing 

- Strong interpersonal and communication skills 


Any background or familiarity in basic graphic design and event management is a PLUS! 


If you’re interested, have some questions, or know someone who might be interested, please send your questions and email your CV at 


Spread the word! SAEC looks forward to expanding its family🤩


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