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Georg Fechter & his team has successfully been selling Fashion in Europe since 2007, as a result, Masters of Merch was born in 2014.
Masters of Merch is not only a high-end merchandise supplier, the company also specializes in custom-made apparel and is now making its moves into the GCC region via SAEC

In February 2017, we partnered with worlds most famous Mountainbiker  Fabio Wibmer and his brand Sick! Through this we built up our fulfillment department where we take care of the production, planning and handling of collections. Other fulfillment customers of us are Camo & Krooked (DJs), Miss Rage (E-Gaming), Valentina Höll (Mountainbike Pro Dowhnhill world champion), Darkfest (MTB International Mtb Event) and many more. 
With the construction of our 1000m2 warehouse in Austria, we have created the possibility to build up and support several e-commerce stores directly on site, as well as to offer worldwide logistical services.

Every cut and detail can be defined by our customers, while at the same time, the simple finishing of blank garments from different producers is also within our realm of expertise.

Georgie Fechter: “The success of our merchandising was overwhelming, even for us. I’m convinced we are able to deliver nothing less than the highest quality garments. We ensure that are products are sustainable and choose to only work with long-term partners that fit to our high-quality requirements. The development of merchandise plans, production, packaging and logistics make up our day-to-day business and we cant wait to deliver our service the Saudi Arabia & beyond.

A range of companies, such as Uber, Red Bull, Masters of Dirt, Cirque du Soleil, Neoh, GoStudent and many more trust us and with the creation of their products.

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