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The Fuel Girls

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THE FUEL GIRLS are a world famous multi-skilled performance group based in the UK, specialising in all kinds of fire & pyro performance and aerial shows


The Fuel Girls are world famous firstly for their specialist Fire and Pyro shows! Their large scale arena shows see them perform with huge fire props like swords, crowns of fire, arena-scale rings of fire, dragon canes, pyrotechnics, double staff, spinning fire cube and the biggest of them all, Yusura’s giant fire cube, which is hoisted into the air whilst she performs inside it.


The Fuel Girls group contains world-class aerial performers, who are at the top of their game in terms of skill, strength, discipline, flexibility and style! Skills include aerial silks, hoop, rope, net, a stunning aerial chains show and even a hair hang show, which really has to be seen! The Fuel Girls also bring fire and aerial together for spectacular effects, not seen anywhere else!

other skills

The Fuel Girls bring a diverse range of skills and talents to the show! To keep our performances fresh, we always work with new props, skills and ideas and train hard to create exciting, unique stage shows and content, including shows that do not contain fire. We work with guest performers, and on character and dance based shows too! Get in touch, let's talk!


THE FUEL GIRLS have performed at venues all over the world, from the Wembley Stadium London to the Echo Arena Liverpool, Wiener Stadthalle Vienna, Messe Zurich, Warsaw Stadium and more. 

THE FUEL GIRLS perform at shows large and small, including 

Extreme Sports Events 
Motorbike Shows 
Car Events 
Rock & Dance Festivals 
Lifestyle Events (skating, water sports, motocross, equestrian, show jumping and more) 
Corporate Events 
Private Parties 


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